About Eva

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Qualified Horticulturist

Permaculture Designer

Business Lecturer

Public Speaker

Tour guide

Ag, Hort and Environmental  Instructor

Fashion Designer & Manufacturer

Garden Designer & Landscaper

Organic small crop producer

Aid In Nursing



My Story


  My love for learning, visiting new places and meeting people began at an early age. Even though I'm a city kid, I always loved the country life and the great outdoors.

  Emigrating from Sweden to Australian at age11 with my family, experiencing another culture, language and exotic surroundings ignited the adventurous streak in me.

  Attending Agriculture College cemented my passion for food production and the natural environment. 20 years later I became a trainer for the Australian Agricultural College delivering courses in Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land management throughout Queensland.

  I love adventures if it's for a few hours or several months. My mini-adventure can take me on my bike along the Ross River birdwatching or walking on the beach; Every-other-day adventures is when I go camping, bushwalking and swim in waterfalls; A Big adventure is where I cruise the Yangtze River, visit the Swiss Alps or marvel at the glaziers in New Zealand.

  I find the adventures in private and public gardens here in my home town just as satisfying as visiting the Botanical gardens in Singapore. As a previous garden designer and landscaper, it always gave me tremendous satisfaction designing a new garden or rejuvenating an existing garden to suit my clients' lifestyle.

   My passion for gardening and the natural environment has given me the inspiration to write gardening books, sharing my 25 years of horticulture experience.

  I am also excited about writing a fiction adventure book series with a strong female character who finds herself in challenging situations, set in beautiful landscapes.