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Permaculture Designer








24 July:    Install an above ground irrigation system

31 July:    Growing and caring for native plants

07 Aug:    How to prune your garden professionally

14 Aug:    Creating a courtyard or small garden paradise

04 Sept:    How to prune your garden professionally

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Guest speaker

Meet Eva


  Her passion for gardening, conservation and adventure is inspired by her travels, learning and teaching.

Eva's aim is to change the world one book and one garden at a time while promoting sustainability and conservation.


"Hi Eva,

Just sharing my pleasure with you - my garden looks beautiful. It makes me feel good. Eight years since you made this garden for me it still lifts my day -  how good is that!

Thanks for your excellent work".

Joycelyn B

 Garden and Life Adventures


Growing your own food. Discover new gardens. Traveling adventures. Sustainability. Experience new cultures. Strolling in public parks. Permaculture. Hiking in National Parks. Clean soil, air and water. Lifestyle. Chemical free. Practical. Re-juvinate old gardens. Garden design. Enjoy life to the fullest.



“My once barren backyard has been transformed to a tropical paradise thanks to Eva’s horticultural expertise. She listened to my needs, discussed options, and provided recommendations that suited my budget and level of gardening experience.

My garden is a fantastic addition to my lifestyle, and I think it is one of the best lifestyle decisions I have made.

If you need professional horticultural advice, Eva is the person to see”.


Mandy F.


"I have had the pleasure recently to complete a number of workshops with Eva; Propagation, pruning and foliage on Wood. 

I have enjoyed all the workshops I have attended and am eagerly waiting for her next workshop.

Eva has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. 

She does this in a welcoming, relaxed environment and her workshops are very hands on and enjoyable." 


Cheryl K

 Garden Consultancy
  One-on-one consultation in your garden
  • Problem solving 
  • Plant recommendations
  • Design, landscaping, irrigation
  • Fruit and vegetable growing
  • Annual care plan
 Garden Design
  • Tailored to your needs and lifestyle
  • New properties
  • Re-juvinating an existing garden
  • Documentation, site-plan and photos
  • Plant selection
  • Landscaping, irrigation
 Garden Workshops
  • New program for 2021

  • Hands-on workshops

  • Engaging delivery

  • Professional tips

  • Small classes

 Guest Speaker
  • Community events
  • Conference & Expo
  • Private functions